Wooden Mosquito Airplane Manufacturing in Australia -1944 de Havilland DH98

The Mosquito was one of the most remarkable planes of World War Two. The Mosquito in full the De Havilland DH-98 Mosquito was a twin-engine, two-seat bomber that was modified to serve as a fighter which could operate during the day or at night or as a photo reconnaissance plane. In whatever capacity, the Mosquito proved to be immensely successful for a wooden plane.
The first Mosquitoes were powered by two 1,250 horsepower Merlin engines. To enhance its aerodynamics, all tail surfaces were elliptical and the wings were sharply tapered. The original Mosquitoes were designed to internally carry four 500 lb bombs. The first flights of the Mosquito confirmed what the design team had hoped for the fastest operational plane of its day. The Mks II, III ands IV could fly at 380 mph - 19 mph faster than the Battle of Britain Spitfire and 50 mph faster than the Hawker Hurricane.

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