Douglas A-20 Havoc With Caterpillar Tracked Landing Gear 1947

Caterpillar Landing Gear - "Wright Field, Ohio: Tractor-type landing gear, developed by the Army for quick air transport to unpaved fields, is tested. A light bomber, equipped with the endless-belt gear, takes off and lands safely."

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The Douglas A-20/DB-7 Havoc was a family of American attack, light bomber and night fighter aircraft of World War II, serving with several Allied air forces, principally those of the Soviet Union, United Kingdom, and United States. The DB-7 was also used by the air forces of Australia, South Africa, France, and the Netherlands during the war, and Brazil afterwards. The bomber aircraft was known as Boston among British and Commonwealth air forces, while the RAF night fighter variants were given the service name Havoc. The USAAF assigned the DB-7 the designation "A-20" and gave it the popular name "Havoc".


Douglas A-20 Havoc with Caterpillar Tracked landing gear 1947 A-20C serial number 41-19158 Attack plane US unitesd States airboyd #airboydtv

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