F4U Corsair "Whistling Death" Flight Demonstration !

F4U Corsair
  • This is a compilation of clips of the Planes of Fame Museum's Corsair (Chino, California) and includes some clips of the Palm Springs Air Museum's own ...

f4u Corsair ww2 WWII Lightning P-38 P-47 p-51 Mustang duxford Oshkosh airshow warbird Spitfire U2 Japanese airplane t-shirts Grumman boeing Lockheed northrop AIRBUS EADS Japan Germany UK thunderbolt france renault porsche NA

  • Durée : 134s

Japanese Zero, P-38 & Hellcat Flight Demonstration- AWESOME!

Japanese Zero, P-38 & Hellcat Flight Demonstration- AWESOME!
  • This is a very interesting video clip of footage that I took in 2005 in the crystal-clear air at the Palm Springs Air Museum (Calif.). This condition ...

P-38 ww2 WWII Zéro Chino Grumman Hellcat p-51 P-47 P-40 Spitfire B-17 B-24 B-25 duxford Ferrari porsche U2 crash t-shirts boeing Lockheed Japan Germany UK thunderbolt Lightning france renault California Biplane AIRBUS EADS

  • Durée : 159s

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